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Welcome to Gordillo Legal international consulting and services.

Led by two highly skilled and dedicated sisters, our law firm has established itself as a trusted advisor to our international clients. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized legal advice that goes beyond the mere application of the law. Our approach is simple - we treat our clients as people first and foremost, and we are committed to providing legal advice that is both current and specifically relevant to each individual's situation.

At Gordillo Legal, we understand that legal issues can be complex and overwhelming. That's why we have assembled a team of versatile lawyers who specialize in a wide range of areas, including administrative, environmental, criminal, family, human rights, and immigration law. Whether you are dealing with a sensitive family matter or need assistance navigating the complexities of international real estate law, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

How can we help you?

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Animal Rights

Championing animal welfare. Our law firm fights against animal cruelty, neglect, and advocates for stronger animal protection laws. We're here to ensure that every animal receives the compassion and care they deserve.

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Safeguarding our planet's future. Our environmental law experts tackle issues like pollution, habitat destruction, and climate change. We work to enforce environmental regulations, hold polluters accountable, and promote sustainable practices for a healthier planet.

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Your defense, our priority. Our criminal defense team provides strategic representation for charges ranging from misdemeanors to complex felonies. We're dedicated to protecting your rights and securing the best possible outcome for your case.

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Guiding you through life's transitions. From divorce and child custody to adoption, our family law attorneys offer compassionate support and guidance. We strive to achieve fair resolutions that prioritize the well-being of you and your loved ones.

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Human Rights

Advocating for equality and justice. Our human rights lawyers fight against discrimination and civil rights violations. We work to protect marginalized communities and uphold fundamental freedoms for a more inclusive society.

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Navigating the path to a new home. Our immigration lawyers provide comprehensive legal services, including visa applications, citizenship processes, and deportation defense. We're here to help you secure your place in this country and pursue new opportunities.

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Translation services

In addition to our legal expertise, we also offer translation services of legal documents from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. This ensures that our clients have access to high-quality legal advice and documentation, regardless of the language they speak, or country or region where they are looking for assistance.

At Gordillo Legal, our success is based on the combination of experience and the versatile skills of a new generation of lawyers. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support, and we look forward to working with you.

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What our clients say

  • Emma Filipsson
    Merida, MX

    Thank you, Dania! You are truly the kindest and most generous lawyer I have worked with throughout my nearly eight-year-long divorce process. I am deeply grateful. I managed to write this text today, all thanks to you. I look forward to visiting Mérida in the future with a renewed state of mind. Sincerely, Emma Filipsson.

  • David Lee
    Cartes, ES

    Dania and Deni made my dream apartment in the beautiful medieval city of Cartes a reality. As an American living in Spain, they accompanied me throughout the entire process, from scheduling viewings with real estate agents to opening a bank account and handling all the necessary legal paperwork for the purchase.

    I cannot thank them enough!

  • Dieter
    Frankfurt, DE

    Dania is extremely knowledgeable. She and her sister were able to answer all the questions my partner and I had about cohabitation and helped us understand our legal options moving forward. I especially appreciated her fluency in English, which was immensely helpful as my Spanish is acceptable but not sufficient to grasp legal terms.

    I will definitely reach out to her again when I have more questions and for the legal services provided by her firm.

    Let us know how we can help.


    Gordillo Legal, Merida office


    Gordillo Legal, Torrelavega office

    Real Estate

    Embarking on a journey to invest in international real estate or finding your dream retirement home abroad can be both exciting and daunting.


    We understand the allure of owning property in picturesque locales like Spain or Mexico, and the complexities that come with it. Let us be your trusted partners in turning your overseas property dreams into reality, with the peace of mind that comes from having experienced, caring professionals by your side. Learn more.

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