All about divorce

By Dania Gordillo, 14 March, 2023

The dictionary defines marriage as a social institution, recognized as legitimate by society, which consists of the union of two people to establish a community of life. Getting married is a very important decision for people.

Divorce is the way the marriage ends. Divorce in Mexico is declared in a sentence by a Family Judge, after a judicial procedure has been carried out in the terms and formalities required by the Civil Code applicable to each State.

According to the INEGI in Mexico, during 2021, 453,085 marriages were registered, of these unions: 448,744 were between couples of women and men and 4,341 were between people of the same gender.

Divorce Allows the granting of a public document through which the dissolution of the marriage bond is obtained.

There are three types of divorce:

  1. Administrative Volunteer
  2. Judicial Volunteer
  3. Without causes


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