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Family Law

The firm has a team of highly trained professionals committed to excellence in the practice of law.

Among the services offered by Gordillo Legal are family matters, including voluntary jurisdiction, economic dependency, agreement approval and accreditation of common-law marriage. He also specializes in divorces, matrimonial regimes and concubinage, alimony, guardianship and custody, cohabitation, parental authority, adoption, family patrimony and inheritance, both intestamentary and probate.

In addition, Gordillo Legal provides prevention services in family matters, such as the preparation of prenuptial contracts and advice for the granting of wills. Likewise, it offers the figure of the special tutor for cases of disability.

The firm's focus is client-centered, and its mission is to provide high-quality legal advice, with ethics and responsibility. With extensive experience and a practical and personalized approach, Gordillo Legal is the best option for those seeking legal advice on family matters and inheritance.

In summary, we attend family lawsuits such as:

  • Voluntary jurisdiction. Economic dependency, approval of agreement and accreditation of concubinage.
  • Divorce. Marriage regimes and concubinage.
  • Food. Guard and custody. Coexistences.
  • Custody. Loss, limitation or suspension.
  • Adoption.
  • Familiar patrimony. Constitution, decline and extinction.
  • Successions, intestate and testamentary.

    Prevention in Family Matters:
  • Prenuptial contracts
  • Advice for the Granting of Wills
  • Special tutors for cases of disability
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